Welcome to the Sword & Board Star Wars Legion League!

The most important rule? Have fun and treat each other with respect!

While this is a beginner friendly/slow-grow/competitive League with prizing, we are here for a good time (and hopefully Galactic Domination!).


At the start of the League each player will pick a faction and be locked into that faction for the remainder of the League!

This league will take place over 4 sessions (in a tournament format), slowly increasing the maximum points for each session (growing your collection and army size). Subsequent sessions will allow players to change their army slightly from previous sessions, to accommodate the new points limits (this will be explained in more detail in upcoming Player Packs for Sessions 1–4).

Leading up to Session 1 (6+ weeks), the players will have time to prepare, assemble and paint their armies (see the section on Session 1 Army Building below). Long time players can, of course, opt to use their existing pieces to join the League – but what better time to start a new faction than this!

A player can join anytime during the League, even though they missed 1 or 2 sessions. This also means that players can be absent for some sessions during the League and will just rejoin at a later date following any adjusted army point rules.


A player’s Starting Army, which will be used for Session 1, cannot exceed 350 points and must include the following units (additional options will open up for Sessions 2 – 4):

Commander (1)

Each army must include exactly one commander unit.

Corps (1 – 3)

Each army must include one to three corps units.

Special Forces (0 – 1)

Each army may include up to one special forces unit.

Support (0 – 1)

Each army may include up to one support unit.


Session 1 will be a 3 round swiss format tournament of 90 minutes maximum each, held at Sword & Board in Milnerton on the 2nd of April 2022. There will be an entrance fee to cover prize support (more details regarding the exact format, entrance fee, tournament scoring and the exciting prizes will be revealed closer to the event date).

To help the tournament organisers gauge interest for the League and the event, interested players are encouraged to email their Faction choice to schacherleric@gmail.com in the coming days and weeks.


Achievements are feats of strength or luck or special actions that players can unlock on the day during Session 1 (or in some cases leading up to Session 1) and will form part of the prizing structure (more details to follow closer to the Session 1 event date). Each achievement can only be unlocked once and the player should verify unlocking a certain achievement with his or her opponent when it occurs.

The available Achievements will be revealed on the days leading up to Session 1, but below is a sneak peak:


End a game without defeating any enemy units.


Roll only Criticals on a single dice roll of 3 or more dice.