In a world dominated by technology the latest and fastest growing gaming trend can surprisingly not be found on PS4 or XBOX One. That’s right, the biggest world-wide boom in gaming right now is not happening on your flat screen, but on your dining room table!

Over the past few years board-, card-, miniature- and collectible games have taken the world by storm. Gone are the days of staring solo at a screen, or talking to your friends over a headset, this time round it’s face-to-face, across a board, from behind a hand of cards or staring each other down across a landscape of painted miniatures or coloured dice.

It’s gaming redefined, gaming that reinvents the platform it all started on and does so in a way that unites every human’s need for social interaction with every gamer’s need for full immersion into another world – a world where you are the marine, the warrior, the detective , the wizard, the general or even the villainous mastermind.

With many successful initiatives, the Unplug Yourself Campaign has gone from strength to strength to build awareness for this exciting gaming phenomenon going a long way to bring the gaming culture to South Africa. The future of this campaign sees many more initiatives at conventions and events nationwide getting people all over the country to play more games – unplugged.