Welcome to the Sword & Board Star Wars Legion League!

Have fun and treat each other with respect! While this is a beginner friendly/slow-grow/competitive League with prizing, we are here for a good time (and hopefully Galactic Domination!).


Session 1 will be a 3 round swiss format tournament of 75 minutes maximum each, held at Sword & Board in Milnerton on the 2nd of April 2022. There will be a R100 entrance fee to cover prize support.

  • Registration: 09h30
  • Round 1: 10h00
  • Round 2: 11h45
  • Break for Lunch: 12h30
  • Round 2 (Continued): 13h30
  • Round 3: 14h30
  • Prizes: 16h30


A player’s Starting Army, which will be used for Session 1, cannot exceed 350 points and must include the following units:

Commander (1)

Each army must include exactly one commander unit.

Corps (1 – 3)

Each army must include one to three corps units.

Special Forces (0 – 1)

Each army may include up to one special forces unit.

Support (0 – 1)

Each army may include up to one support unit.


Each player must bring the following to participate in Session 1:

  • A fully assembled and painted army as outlined above with all applicable unit and upgrade cards.
  • All applicable dice, tokens, movement and range rulers.

* Please note that all current Errata and Points Adjustment Documents apply!

To speed up registration on the day, players are advised to fill out the form at the back (or any alternative form of scribble) and email it to a few days before the event.

Alternatively players can hand in their army lists on the day of Session 1.


Each round will feature unique deployment, condition and scoring scenarios on a skirmish size playing field.

These will be revealed at the start of each round on the day of the event.


Each round will be scored as a Win or Loss on Players are advised to preregister on the site for the tournament.

If neither player has won after 75 minutes, play continues until the current round has been completed and the player with the most VPs at that time is the winner.

If there is an odd number of players on the day, one of the players will receive a Bye each round which will be scored as a Win. They will however get to play against one of the event organisers to break any possible boredom.


Prize support will be covered with the entrance fee of R100 and additional sponsorships, with various prizes up for grabs, including prizes for Session 1 Attendance, prizes for Tournament Standings and Achievement Reward prizes:

  • Session 1 Attendance: Here am I! – Small goodies for everybody that attends.
  • Achievement Prize: The Force was with me! – Goes to the player who completed the most Achievements on the day (see below for more information).
  • 1st Prize: The Galaxy will FEAR me!– Goes to the Winner.
  • 2nd Prize: I am your Apprentice? – Goes to the Runner-up.
  • 3rd Prize: I used to be your Apprentice– Goes to the 2nd Runner-up.
  • 4th Prize: Evacuate! – Goes to the player who came last.


Achievements are feats of strength or luck or special actions that players can unlock on the day during Session 1 (or in some cases leading up to Session 1).

Each achievement can only be unlocked once and the player should verify unlocking a certain achievement with his or her opponent when it occurs. The top achievement scorer on the day will win additional prizes.