So I heard from the local townsfolk that you might be interested in playing your favourite roleplaying campaign online? There are multiple ways to play Dungeons & Dragons online with leading the charge. This is a quick-start guide for players to start your adventure with your friends! The team over at Roll20 have curated fantastic video playlists to be able to get you started! We have outlined those below.

Before we begin there, however, let’s talk you through getting yourself signed on to the platform!

  • Sign-up on
  • If you are a DM:
    • Create your game
    • Invite your players
  • If you are a player:
    • Share your username with your DM so they can invite you!

You should now be in your first game on Roll20! For the purposes of this article, we are focusing on Dungeons & Dragons as the main Roleplaying game being played on the platform. Below, we will be posting the introductory YouTube tutorials for players and Dungeon Masters alike! From using the functionality of Roll20 to integrating your own material, these guides have it all! Roll20 also provides a step-by-step tutorial after your first login. Let’s get straight into the guides!

Learn the Basics: Overview & Guides Features: Tips & Tricks:

While Roll20 does provide an integrated communication platform, there have been reports of giving players a few issues! An alternative that many have been using is the Discord platform. Discord is an easy-to-use communications software which allows you to communicate via voice and video directly to your friends. It also allows you to setup your own server and create your own community. You can find out more about Discord below and can download it here:

If you are looking for adventurers to join your party, the #PlayAtHome Facebook page is a great place to start! There are many people sharing their adventures and methods of passing time in lockdown. Come and join the conversation:

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