So, I thought about sharing what is working for my family and I during the lock down and as much as I would like to have a daily journal on what is working and what isn’t. That’s not doable. Here it goes!

We have been extremely fortunate with the amazing weather, allowing the girls to spend lots of time in the pool, trying new skateboarding tricks on the veranda, playing with the dogs, shooting hoops and playing boardgames.

This is all in no order, just as the day takes them, allowing me to be as productive in my work life as I possibly can be.

Another real winner outside of gaming has been some freehand drawing with some ideas from Toufik Hiboux.

A few hit games for us at this stage have been:

Fruit Punch
Spot It
Taco Cat Goat Cheese Pizza
Happy Salmon
Slam Cups

We enjoy playing as a family, the girls have fun playing together, or they play on their own. We’re a family that enjoys technology, our iPads and having things at our fingertips, however we have seen great growth in ourselves and our girls with regular game play.  Since the lock down, very limited iPad time has been allowed. We’re making the most of the time together and really enjoying it. 

Game hits are ones that they can actively play against us, with us and we all have a good time. Its really not difficult, but we have to think further than snap and monopoly. I’m also interested in games that promote some skill, not luck. Most of these are hand eye coordination and problem solvers to their core. 

They’ve been having a good time, we’ve been having a great time, will write more soon!