Duel Commander Returns to Gauteng

Here’s the thing about Magic: The Gathering in 2023 – there’s so many unique ways to enjoy the game. From casual Commander to competitive Modern, there truly is something for everyone. But what about an affordable, competitive, one versus one Commander variant? Yes. We’ve got that covered too. Duel Commander returns to Gauteng and the best part is: everyone can join in!
With immense support from local game stores like Dragon Town and The Stone Dragon we’ve created the Hex Club to spearhead the return of Duel Commander in Gauteng. If you’ve been longing for a format that combines elements of Commander, Modern, Legacy and Vintage with support for player rankings, qualifier, and championship tournaments the Hex Club’s got you covered.

Official Rules and Ban List:

If you’re familiar with Commander you should feel right at home with Duel Commander, however, there are a few notable differences. To help you out we’ve created a post with all the relevant information and links to the official rules and ban list. You can find it here: (http://tinyurl.com/49zuzedv)

Duel Commander Qualifier Tournament:

So you’re caught up with the rules and want to start slaying the competition? Here’s your chance.
We’re hosting a Qualifier Tournament on the 21st of May 2023 at Dragon Town, Centurion. Registration starts at 10H00 with an entry fee of R295. Your entry fee gets you 2x Dominaria United Draft Boosters with an additional 2x Draft Boosters being added to the prize pool per player. The winner will also take home an Origins Fat Pack.
This is a Swiss Tournament with one-hour rounds (no deck lists required). The Top 7 players of this tournament along with the current Champion will qualify for our Championship Tournament in June with the opportunity to compete against the best Duel Commander players in Gauteng and possibly be crowned the NEW Champion of the Hex! Here’s a link to the event page: (http://tinyurl.com/mwap2xnt)

Where to Find Us:

You can follow the Hex Club on Facebook to keep up with all the latest rankings and event information: (http://tinyurl.com/yckvjvb6)
Additionally, you can join our WhatsApp group where you’ll find a welcoming and supportive community of Duel Commander players frequently sharing ideas and resources: (http://tinyurl.com/4v4ec6kh)

We look forward to slinging spells with you soon!