Popular Megagame Watch the Skies is coming to Cape Town

In 1948, a mysterious flying object was shot down over Roswell. The public may have believed the cover story, but the elite few knew the truth: we are not alone! But now, in 2025, a strange series of events has unfolded, and it is clear that the Aliens have returned with their own devious plans!

Watch the Skies is a megagame for 45 players. Join a team of 4 to represent a world power, and guide the citizens of earth through an alien invasion. As a cross between a board game, live-action roleplaying game and political simulation, megagames are a whole new style of gaming that you’ve never seen before.

Take up the role of President, Chief of Defence, Foreign Minister or Chief Scientist, deal with the Alien menace, and keep the Earth from falling into chaos. Join the Global News Network, and expose the truth about what the world leaders know! Or join the Alien team, and execute your secret mission from the Reticulan homeworld.

You will negotiate, research, make peace and wage war! Each decision your team makes has the opportunity to bring Humanity to their place in the Intergalactic order, or plunge the future of Earth into chaos!

So what are you waiting for? Join us in Pinelands, Cape Town on 2nd October to save the world!

Save the world!