DM Bootcamp
Phase 7

In this edition of the Dungeon Master Bootcamp we are going to finally move towards some good old fashion combat and discuss how to spice it up. From managing initiative and movement to making use of the monsters full abilities with good prep work. We will also explore how to be descriptive and make each dice roll an actual interactive part of the combat process while keeping things moving. 
Most important, we going to dive into critical hits and how they can make even the simplest combat a most memorable event, be it a Nat.20 or a Nat.01
And as it is Halloween, we going to make this one a tad spooky!
  • Entry fee: Free 
  • Dates: 29th/30th October 2022 from 10am 
  • Format:  Dungeon Master Training Session (One Shot)
  • Prize support: 1 x Van Richten’s Guide to Ravenloft, 1 x Large D&D Miniature randomly given away.

Participating Stores


The Stone Dragon – 30th October

Nexus Hub – 29th October

Cape Town

The Warren Somerset West – 30th October

Durbanville Games – 30th October

Battle Bunker Paarl – 30th October


The Unseen Shoppe – 30th October

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