PTCGO Winter Series #1 | Lost Origin
PTCGO Open is Baaaaaack!

Howzit going Pokémon trainers! Yes, the rumors are true and the PTCGO Open is back. We bring you the PTCGO WINTER SERIES! It was with high hopes that this event would take place on the new online client “Pokémon Live” but alas, TPCi has not released the game from beta yet for several reasons. So, with this we will be sticking to the Pokémon Trading Card Game Online (PTCGO) client for this event.

With this now being a bi-annual event opposed to a quarterly event. Bigger prize pools can be expected! Keep an eye on my Facebook page and Twitch Streams (Every Tuesday at 8pm) for these announcements.

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Some History

For the last 2 years or so I have been in partnership with sponsors Solarpop and Unplug Yourself to bring out a string of online tournaments. Traditionally, we would have monthly and quarterly events at local game stores playing with actual cards. This was our way of keeping the spirit of Pokémon alive.

As always, these events are open to all ages and is an all-out free for all. Things are fun, things are competitive. It’s what the players have been craving.

How It All Works?

In the past, we have streamed the entire tournament on YouTube from Round 1 to the Finals having the event span across 2 days. With this, we have noticed that the stream times are a bit long and players are quite fatigued by the time they get to their final games. This time around there will be 2 major changes:

  1. The tournament will be run over a single day where Swiss rounds will only be Best-of-1 games and the top 8 will remain Best-of-3.
  2. Only the top 8 games (quarter finals, semi finals and finals) will be live streamed with an event recap of how the Swiss rounds went and what decks we saw. This will make the stream a lot more condense with bigger action in a shorter span of time.

Player Turn-Out

As we do more of these events, we see more and more old players coming back to the beloved game. Many of these players being past top contenders, showing that still have what it takes to hang with the best. This time around, with rumors of sanctioned play returning to South Africa, I am confident that we will see many players using this as a practice run before we hit the ground running with In-Store play.

Want To Join the Next Event?

This event will take place on the 3rd of September. I do substantial advertising on my Facebook page, as well as my YouTube channel. And they are pretty much like videos leading up to the event is just a build-up of event hype and telling people how to get tickets.

Generally, the tickets are found on my website where guys can purchase a ticket. It’s free, open to anyone in South Africa to compete.

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