Dear Gaming Community.

R30 000 worth of games up for grabs!

The Corona Virus is about to hit our economy hard, and few will be hit as hard as your Friendly Local Gaming Store (FLGS). We owe a great deal to our local stores – many of us got to discover our games and our gaming community through them and many of us still use their play spaces on a regular (even weekly) basis, including their demo library, to discover and enjoy games.

It would be a terrible tragedy if local stores do not make it through this storm, especially as organised play gets cancelled and people are forced to stay at home. When this is all over we’d like to be able to still go to these stores to play, and as such Unplug Yourself, in partnership with Solarpop Distribution, is introducing the following initiative to help stores:

From Friday the 20th of March 2020, to the 30th of June 2020, Solarpop will be giving away three gaming hampers of R10 000 each (incl. board-, card-, miniature, rpg – & tcg games and accessories) to anyone who financially supports a participating game store during this time period with purchases from as little as R200!

The R200 purchase can be on any hobby related products (incl. board-, card-, miniature, rpg – & tcg games and accessories). The purchase can be an in-store purchase, a purchase from the store’s website or even a voucher for you or someone else to spend at a later stage. For every R200 you spend you will get one entry into one of the prize draws of R10 000 each, which will take place on 30 April 2020, 29 May 2020 and 01 July 2020 respectively. You may buy any table top gaming product in the store to qualify, even if it’s not Solarpop product (the point after all is the store’s well-being).

Buying one game in this period from a local participating store will go a long way to helping them stay in business and will give you multiple opportunities to win R10 000 worth of gaming product! The prizes will be of your own choosing from the Solarpop product catalogue, subject to product availability at time of the prize draw (T&C’s apply).

For detailed rules and participating stores please visit

So, what do you say – let’s support our FLGS, save some local businesses and give this virus a clear message that it won’t get the best of us!

Stay safe and happy gaming!

The Solarpop and Unplug Yourself teams.