Six creatures are bound together by a curse. What they thought was a bad dream, is just one shadow in a vast jungle of dark secrets. In the colourful and wild land of Akube, wonderous mysteries lie in wait. And something ancient, that has long been forgotten, stirs from its slumber…

What transpires under the three moons of Tsimbavati is up to the players and the fateful rolls of the dice.

The content: 

Tabletop Mountain is a video series of  South African geeks playing ‘the world’s greatest roleplaying game’, Dungeons & Dragons. However, Akube is not your normal generic ‘fantasy land’, this stream is inspired by authentic African myths, legends and creatures.

The players:  

  • Attie Basson as, Jantie, a yuan-ti warlock trying to navigate the jumbled mess of memories and the surface    world. 
  • Beth Fleming as, Silver Treasure, a tabaxi pirate, hiding from the terrifying pirate king.
  • Francois Taljaardt as, Dirk van der Uys, a human from another planet trying to find his way home.
  • Semere Ntshangase as, Jabu, a tribal orc barbarian in a desperate search of answers to the calamity plaguing his village. 
  • Stephanie Proctor as, Avenda Nkosi, a halfling ranger blessed with Orixan power and her dinosaur companion, Ayana.  
  • Wynand Fourie as, Sheldin Roxi, a tortle druid in search of knowledge and his missing master.
  • Jurgen Bosman as, the Dungeon Master, who will be weaving rich and unique stories into the tapestry of the world. 

The crew:

The series is produced by Atree Sound & Film, a Capetonian based production company and relies on crowdfunding via Patreon to keep its heart beating. Check out the Patreon page for unique rewards.

Where to watch?

Visit the Tabletop Mountain channel on Youtube to watch the first official episode – to premiere on Monday, 16th March.

And look out for announcements on Instagram or Facebook; especially for when they will start live streaming.