Sleeve obsessed friend:  The main reason I sleeve games is to aid in shuffling. 

Me: I DO NOT SHUFFLE – I sort gently

Friend: Also, if it’s a game that I play a lot I’ll use sleeves to cut down on wear and tear.

Me: I see that – I get it, wrap things in plastic they’ll survive an age

At the same time, as a gamer on a budget I know that if I were to completely sleeve a big game  it would cost as much as a brand new game, and if I am able to purchase a new game, will it be in print? 

Also – boardgames are incredibly social, so we eat and drink around the games, and if I’m playing games with you, you should be kind to my games, but I’m also human and shit happens? 

Friend: ……

Me: If someone sees my cards sleeved surely, they would know that they are special and to be respectful?

Aaaaand if I sleeve my games, they won’t fit back into their boxes

Friend: You can repackage them; all that air takes up expensive real estate on your shelf 

Me: You cannot unpack games; they live in their box you bought them in!

Friend: But when you take games with you to an event, you can easily pack several into a small bag despite their original size.  

Me: I fill my boot and take the whole game box with; how will they know which game is what? 

And what about the boxes you’ve removed the games from? Are they kept?

Friend: Sleeving makes them look so good!

When it comes to protecting your cards, card sleeves are the first line of defence in safeguarding your cherished cardboard treasures. 

Available from your local hobby stores and online. You can sleeve anything and everything. A friend of mine laminates his player board – I find that a little scary, the permeance, and what if it’s done wrong?