Games of Pandemic Survival follows the rules of that year’s Pandemic System game, adjusted for tournament play to create a level playing field. Every team will face the same preset scenario, administrated by the Game Guide, who controls the Infection deck (or game equivalent) and directs players to draw Player cards. Game Guide will oversee the tournament to ensure that the rules are being followed. 

The structure of a turn in Pandemic Survival is as follows:

  1. Do 4 Actions: The current player has 1 minutes and 15 seconds to do their actions (except for the first turn, when you will have a full 2 minutes). The Game Guide will announce a 15-second warning and when the timer runs out. You may talk and discuss strategy during this step only.
  2. Draw Player Cards: After time has run out, the Game Guide will instruct you to draw the next two Player cards. In the rare event that a Player deck is out of order, causing you to draw the incorrect cards, the Game Guide will take the player deck, who compares the order against the scenario and puts the deck in the correct order and returns it to your play area. 2/3 If you need to discard Player cards or resolve an outbreak (or game equivalent) during this step, you should inform your Game Guide, instruction will be given to not proceed to the next step until all players have finished resolving discarded cards or outbreaks. You cannot discuss strategy or communicate during this step, except to decide which card(s) to discard down to handsize.
  3. Infect Cities: The Game Guide draws Threat cards based on the current infection rate (or equivalent), announcing them one at a time. If an outbreak occurs during this step, you should alert your Game Guide, instruction will be given to not proceed to the next step until all players have finished resolving outbreaks. You cannot discuss strategy or communicate during this step. The game continues, alternating player turns, until there is a winning team.


During the game, Game Guides are responsible for answering rules questions, dealing with infractions, and administering their teams. If a Game Guide is unsure about a ruling, they consult with the Management (Unplug Yourself), who makes the final ruling. The Game Guide is responsible for keeping time, announcing the steps of each turn, and running the communal Threat deck. Failure to follow the Survival rules, rules of conduct, or the core rules of Pandemic will result in a warning from your Game Guide. A team that accumulates 3 warnings will be disqualified. Instances of wilful cheating may result in immediate disqualification, at the Game Guide’s discretion. Instances of unsporting conduct will also result in warnings or disqualification, at the Game Guide’s discretion. For details, refer to the Pandemic Survival Floor Rules, available at


The winning team is either (1) the first team to win the game, or (2) the last team standing. A tie can occur in one of two ways: (1) multiple teams achieve the win condition during the same turn, or (2) the last surviving teams lose during the same turn.* In either situation, a series of tiebreakers will be consulted to determine a winner, as listed in the tournament rules document. *Teams are eliminated on a card-draw-by-card-draw basis. For example, if two teams are eliminated by the same draw, tiebreakers determine their ranking. However, if the two teams are eliminated in the same Infect step but from different cards, whoever “survived longer” retains the higher ranking

Participating Stores

The Warren – 10th September

Jix Hobbies – 10th September

D20 Battle Grounds – 10th September


What about Event cards like One Quiet Night? How do those work in a game of Survival? Any Event card that has an influence on the Infection, Summoning, or other Threat deck will not be used in Pandemic Survival scenarios. Since only one Infection deck is used in a Survival game, it would be impossible to resolve such events.

Can I bring notes or things to take notes during the event? Yes. Each player is allowed one blank sheet of paper A4 to take notes during a game. Notes will be collected at the end of the event. Participating team members email address included.

Game Guide for an event: Game Guide can participate in a different Pandemic Survival event as players if they would like to do so.