What could be more satisfying than leading a team of super powered heroes (or villains) on a mission through the streets of New York… If that thought appeals then Marvel Crisis Protocol is the hot new miniatures game for you!

In Marvel Crisis Protocol players assemble, paint and collect detailed miniatures of their favourite Marvel characters and pit them against their opponents in a test of strategy and combat. Regardless of being a player new to the hobby, or an old hand at tabletop miniatures, the first question asked by all players are “what’s in the box?”.  Wonder no more as we unwrap a Core Set and break it down for you!

When visiting your friendly local gaming or hobby store you will be faced with a few Marvel Crisis Protocol products already on the shelves. Rest assured that the large square box labeled ‘Core Set’ is all you need to get you started.

Once you get the lid off the box you will find that it is filled to the brim with goodies. Also, don’t let the box inserts fool you. You will find the larger items packed underneath the box insert!

Let’s first have a look at the ‘cardboard’ elements you will find in the box. The Learn to Play Guide is a fairly simple read and will get you playing Crisis Protocol in no time at all. You will also find two punch boards with tokens used during your game. The tokens are good quality and will live up to the standards of the most discerning board gamer.

Digging deeper you will find two sets of cards, 10 oversized character cards that match up to the miniatures you will be building and 31 standard sized cards which control game elements such as map setup, mission goals etc.

You will also find 10 custom dice which you will roll during game play to determine the outcome of combat. This dice set is well made and truly a joy to roll.

Naturally it is the models which gives this game it’s substance. Crisis Protocol does a great job of putting a lot of value into one stater product. You will find 8 zip lock bags containing 25 model sprues as well as the various range and movement tools used during game play. Remember that the vehicles and the  movement tools are hiding underneath the box insert.

Be warned, do not feel the compulsion to open up the elements all at once.  There is a logical packaging order and you will most likely not need to open more than two of the bags at a time to build a model.

The Core Set is everything one player needs to play a full game of Crisis Protocol, or enough for two players facing off against each other in some training missions to come to grips with the rules and flow of the game. The 10 characters included in the Core Set are:

• Black Widow
• Captain America
• Captain Marvel
• Iron Man
• Spider-Man
• Baron Zemo
• Crossbones
• Doctor Octopus
• Red Skull
• Ultron

In Crisis Protocol terrain plays a big part in the game. Hulk just wouldn’t be Hulk without something to smash! What sets the Crisis Protocol Core Set apart from most other miniatures starter product is that it includes terrain. This means that from your very first game you get to introduce terrain elements into the play experience. The terrain included into the Core includes:

2 x Cars
2 x Dumpsters
2 x Traffic Lights
2 x Lampposts
1 x Daily Bugle Stand

Also included is:

3 x Movement Tools
4 x Range Tools
1 x Learn to Play Guide
10 x Custom Dice

Besides the above mentioned characters from the Core Set, there are already two character expansion available, M.O.D.O.K. and the Hulk. In the near future players can look forward to adding Vision, Winter Soldier, Black Panther, Venom and the Black Order to their collection.

Marvel Crisis Protocol is set to be a favourite with both dedicated tabletop players as well as fans of the Marvel universe. Grab your Crisis Protocol Core Set today and have yourself a Marvelous festive season.