One of The Settlers of Catan’s most hard-to-find spin-offs is returning. In the announcement of the new edition, Catan Studio said that the game was the most-requested reprint among its catalogue of out-of-print titles. It’s clear at first glance that Catan: Starfarers is more than a reprint of the original game. 

Players familiar with the CATAN™ base game will recognise elements of the game mechanics, and will discover new breadth and depth in this standalone version.

Starfarers is more than a reskin of Settlers. Players take on the role of space explorers, traveling around the hex-grid galaxy, collecting resources, colonising planets and trading with aliens, and fighting off pesky space pirates. 

The new edition includes game art that is reimagined by the original illustrator, Franz Vohwinkel. Even the components received an update with their materials. The original 3D motherships looked great but they were very fragile and often broke during play. This shows that Catan Studio really listened to the feedback the fans provided. 

The rules have also been tweaked, clearing up existing elements and adding new ones to speed up gameplay. This includes a brand new variable game board, which will let players create a different board layout each time for a new experience every time you play.

CATAN – Starfarers is available at your FLGS now!