Board to be Wild Reviews:
Khora Rise of an Empire

It’s state versus state in this game rooted in Greek history, racing to dominate the land with philosophy and pointy spears.


In this civilisation building game, you develop your Greek city state by climbing a number of tracks while maintaining a healthy level of military might to explore far and wide to gain knowledge and glory.

A round in a brief:

  • Roll your 2 dice to determine what actions you have access to
  • Allocate an action (from a set of 7) to each die
  • Simultaneously reveal actions, and resolve according to action order
  • Pay to progress up the civilisation tracks (economy, culture & military)

We would have liked more:

  • Consistently refined artwork (Love the box, but check out the Spartans!)
  • Tzatziki (we do love Greek food)

We would have liked less:

  • Political correctness (explore rather than conquer?!)
  • Reliance on military strength (you really can’t ignore it)
  • Historical events (felt a bit forced and unbalanced)

We liked just the way it was:

  • Reasonable play time (under 2 hours)
  • Action selection neatly balanced 
  • Simultaneous play for most of the round
  • Asymmetric city state powers

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