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With EGE 2016 around the corner , Unplugyourself is proud to announce that it will be in full force @ EGE. Join us for a weekend filled with Tabletop goodness. Come and try some exciting new games & let our game guides show you how to get started.

Along with a great selection of demo games there will also be three retailers that will have a fantastic range of games for purchase.

About Fanaticus 

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Playing board games is a staple diet of our shop. That’s why we have an ever growing collection of games available to be played, and regular game days on which to play them. Bring a friend and try something new, or bring your old favourite to play with new players. The Friends of Fanaticus, are always willing to show new players the ropes.

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About Battle Bunker Tygervalley

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The Battle Bunker stocks all the necessary figures, paints, books, rules, etc. to play the most exciting fantasy table top games in the world.

These games are ideally suited for the ages from 10 years and upward. Other than that, the games are great fun to play. They also teach vital and basic life skills like team spirit, confidence building, strategy, planning, communicating and debating skills, improved memory and general brain functions, especially logic and interacting on an equal footing, irrespective of age. They improve creativity and bring out natural artistic talent, as well as how to interpret rules and apply them to your customised army and much, much more.

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About Quantum Gaming

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Quantum Gaming is a gaming store based in the Southern Suburbs of Cape Town. We stock boardgames, miniatures and other….stuff.

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