DM Bootcamp 2023

Phase 5: Telling a Story Through Combat

Are you ready to take your Dungeon Master (DM) skills to the next level? Welcome to Phase 5 of our DM Bootcamp, where we will delve into the art of telling a story through combat. In our previous sessions, we explored various aspects of being a DM, from NPC interactions to immersive room descriptions. Now, it’s time to learn how to weave compelling narratives within the chaos of battle.

As a DM, combat encounters play a crucial role in shaping the story and engaging your players. This session will guide you in mastering the art of combat storytelling, where each swing of the sword and every spell cast carries weight and meaning. You will discover how to create dynamic encounters that heighten tension, reveal character development, and propel your campaign forward.

Why Attend Session 4 of our DM Bootcamp?

  • Learn the art of storytelling through combat and make each battle a memorable and immersive experience.
  • Master the skill of crafting dynamic combat encounters that challenge your players while advancing the narrative.
  • Explore techniques to reveal character motivations, deepen plotlines, and create emotional stakes through combat.
  • Develop strategies to balance gameplay mechanics with narrative elements, keeping combat exciting and engaging.
  • Engage in discussions with fellow DMs, share experiences, and learn from each other in a supportive community.

Don’t miss out on this opportunity to refine your storytelling abilities and transform combat encounters into epic tales. Join us for Phase 5 of our DM Bootcamp and become a master of telling stories through combat.

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  • Entry fee: Free 
  • Dates: 30 July 2023
  • Format: Telling a Story Through Combat
  • Prize Support: Campaign Case Creatures

Participating Stores


Nexus Hub – 30 July

Jix Hobbies – 30 July

Timeless Board Games – 30 July

Free State

Oracle Gaming – 30 July

Western Cape

Battle Bunker Paarl – 30 July

Durbanville Games – 30 July


The Unseen Shoppe – 30 July

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