DM Bootcamp
Phase 3: Learn to play

Do you want to learn D&D? Aspire to be a Dungeon Master? Let us help you in your journey! 

In this fantasy world, the possibilities are limitless. 

Unlike a game of make-believe, D&D gives structure to the stories—a way of determining the consequences of the adventurers’ actions. Players roll dice to determine whether their attacks hit or miss and whether their characters can scale a cliff, roll away from the strike of a magical lightning bolt, or pull off some other dangerous task. Anything is possible, but the dice make some things more probable than others.

  • Entry fee: Free 
  • Dates: 29th May 2022 from 10am 
  • Format: One shot (Learn to play) 
  • Draws include: 1 x Essentials and 1 x D&D Mini (Small) as random draw

Participating Stores

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