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Greetings Planeswalkers!

For the New-Comers Tournament for Comic Con Africa 2020 in partnership with Easy Gaming Group we are classifying a “new-comer” as anyone who has never played, only recently (the last three months) started playing or has played Magic: the Gathering Arena before but stopped for some unfathomable reason and, obviously, wants to play again.

There will be a restriction placed on what decks can be played in the New-Comers Tournament to ensure that all players are on an equal power level. There will be few mythic and rare cards and the combo interactions will be simple to ensure new players get it. The goal of this tournament is not only to have fun but to encourage new players to play on and become a part of our wonderfully oddball community, not blast them out of the water in their first outing and leave them with a wall of salt that they’ll never get over. In short: we are trying to be… nice.

The decks will be the dual colour decks provided to MTGA accounts by Wizards of the Coast, these are part of the free-to-play package and are available at no charge to you once you complete the introductory tutorials. A full set of deck lists will be posted in the next few days. 

If you intend to enter the New-Comer Tournament using your own account, we suggest that you open it asap and play through the introductory tutorials to unlock the free decks you will need for the CCA2020 EGG Tournament. If, however, you wish to play but do not want to open a new account please let us know as we have a number of accounts that can be utilised for the tournament – these are limited and will have to be allocated on a first come, first serve basis, so it is advisable to register a new account and play the tutorials (it does not cost you anything except a little time), but please let us know if you’d rather use a pre-registered account asap.

We will also be providing a mentor service! No, that does not mean we put a +1/+1 counter on you when you attack. It means you can – if you feel you need it – ask one of the more experienced players on our panel for an hour or so of their time to talk you through a game or three, offering advice on play strategy on our Discord channel.

The tournament format will be decided closer to the event depending on the number of entries. Whatever the format, matches will be Best-of-Three even though there will be no side-boarding with the preconstructed decks.

If you have any questions please mail me at or WhatsApp me on 0723859523



New player mentorship programme. 

A helping hand for Newly Sparked Planeswalkers.

With the Magic: The Gathering Arena 2020 online championships coming up now in September, Easy Gaming Group has decided to step in with some much needed aid for new players. 

Facing an online platform that can at times be bewildering, many new players have found working out not only how the system works, but also how the cards themselves work to be very difficult. There is so much to think about in a match that sometimes a player can feel overwhelmed. And although the MTG Arena system is user friendly and intuitive, it helps to have someone who knows how it all works standing by telling you why you can’t play that particular card right now. It’s easy to get lost and a little fed up. 

That is the reason why Easy Gaming Group is offering new players the opportunity to have access to an experienced player to walk them through the trickier aspects of playing. 

If you feel like you are one of the many people who need this extra TLC please contact Adam or Crispin who will hook you up with your own mentor via the EGG discord channel by sending an email to with the subject: Mentor.


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