Join the Catan Road to Nationals and Compete for Glory!

Are you ready for an epic journey to claim the title of Catan Champion? Get your dice rolling skills ready as we break down the exciting details of the upcoming Catan tournament series. Brace yourself for fierce competition, thrilling matchups, and the chance to secure your spot in the Nationals!

Pairing Platform:

We’re thrilled to announce that the pairing platform for this tournament will be Best Coast Pairings ( This requirement will be coordinated between the hosting store, judges, and Catan Studios, ensuring fair and accurate pairings. Rest assured, the integrity of the tournament is our top priority.

Prize Support:

Prepare yourself for an impressive prize pool!


  • Winner receives invite to regionals – no entry fee
  • Winner: Prizes to the value of R1000
  • Top 4 receive: Prizes to the value of R300


  • Winner receives invite to Nationals – no entry fee + Round 1 bye
  • Winner: Flight to nationals (Outlying) Or prizes to the value of R2000
  • 2nd place: Prizes to the value of R1000
  • 3rd place: Prizes to the value of R750
  • 4th place: Prizes to the value of R500


  • Winner: Flight to Worlds 2024
  • 2nd place: Prizes to the value of R2000
  • 3rd place: Prizes to the value of R1000
  • 4th place: Prizes to the value of R500
  • Spot prizes: 4x Prizes to the value of R300

Tournament Structure:

  • Play in the preliminary rounds. An official CATAN tournament will start with 3 rounds that are played round-robin style, where all participants will play in three games against different opponents. We explain scoring for these rounds in the official tournament rules, found here. Preliminary structure can vary from event to event.
  • Top-ranked players advance to single-elimination rounds. Either the top 16 or top 4 players, depending on event size, will advance to a semifinal or final round. Events with less than 28 players may choose to skip a semifinal and move directly from preliminaries into their final game.

What is the Catan World Championships

Every year, players worldwide compete in local qualifying tournaments. The winners of these Qualifier tournaments will win a guaranteed seat at their country’s CATAN National Championship. Players will face off against all other Qualifier winners to become the year’s National Champion. Every two years, the National Champions are sent to the CATAN World Championship. The next World Championship is yet to be announced, will take place in late 2024

Seating Limitations:

Each stage of the tournament has its own seating limitations to ensure optimal gameplay and an unforgettable experience. The seating limitations are as follows:

  • Feeders: 16 players
  • Regionals: 28 players
  • Nationals: 40 players

Entry Fees:

To participate in this thrilling competition, there will be entry fees for each stage of the tournament:

  • Feeders: R50 (Payable on the day, managed by the retailer)
  • Regionals: R150 (Quicket, managed by our team)
  • Nationals: R200 (Quicket, managed by our team)

Venues and Dates:

Mark your calendars for the upcoming events! Here are the confirmed venues and dates for each stage of the tournament:



  • Durbanville Games – July 15th
  • The Unseen Shoppe – August 19th
  • Timeless Boardgames – July 15th


  • Comic Con Africa – September 23rd

Don’t miss out on this incredible opportunity to showcase your strategic prowess and compete against the best Catan players in the region. Gather your friends, sharpen your skills, and prepare for an unforgettable journey on the Road to Nationals!

Stay tuned for more updates and announcements as we embark on this thrilling adventure. Get ready to roll the dice and claim your place among the Catan elite. Secure your spot today and let the games begin!