Not very long ago suggesting to play board games with friends brought to mind horror images of playing Monopoly. But since those days a revolution has taken place; the board game revolution! Playing board games have become an accepted and preferred social past time for people from all walks of life.

Even mainstream media has recognised the popularity of the hobby and often feature board games in prominent television shows. Recently the gang from South Park based the premise of a whole episode (South Park – “Board Girls” – s23e07) around board games and certainly did it justice.

There were so many board game and tabletop references packed into the latest episode “Board Girls”, so we thought it would be fun to list some of the references we spotted either visually or verbally. It’s no secret Matt and Trey are BIG into the hobby, but we often wonder how active they are in the board game community.

Board Game Celebrity Mentions

Rodney Smith - Creator of Watch It Played.
Tom Vasel - Creator of The Dice Tower.
Becca Scott - Host of Geek & Sundry's.
Uwe Rosenberg is a German game designer.
Vital Lacerda - Known for complex Euros.



this isn’t the first time… 

South Park has made many references to board games in the past, here are some more episodes for you to check out.

Zombicide, Dead of Winter, Merchants and Marauders, Mice and Mystics, King of New York, Lords of Waterdeep and one more under Lords we can't quite make. Not a bad selection. Not at all.
During the Cthulhu trilogy, the cultists' lair was full of boxes upon boxes of Arkham Horror.
"Cock Magic," had one scene in a game store where Kenny plays Magic: The Gathering.
From season 23 episode 2: "Band in China". Great Western Trail, Meeple Circus, Nemesis, Dune and more.

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