Ban list reaction June 2021

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Hey guys, Its Frisby Moonsong and for this article we are going to be looking at what i think the predicted ban list would be for the July 2021 banlist. I honestly think the meta is actually in a good space, we actually have a really diverse meta at the moment with some of the best decks probably being shaddoll invoked dogmatica especially here in South Africa, tri-brigade and maybe drytron are starting to pick up in the mix, especially since lightning overdrive, but I honestly don’t think drytron or tri brigade are going to get hit because of all the new stuff coming from this set.

The plea for Denglong

Looking at what I think will be changed on the ban list is my favourite, Denglong the first of the Yang Zing, I want this card back so bad personally. It’s been too, Deng Long. I love the Yang Zing deck but even if you bring this card back to three copies, it doesn’t matter because everyone only plays one anyway. Even bring it back with an errata like it’s supposed to have a Wyrm Tuner, you know, then dinos can’t really abuse it because that’s how it got banned. Anyway, I really think this card should come back. I hope it comes back. I absolutely love it. So please Konami, here my plea bring Deng Long back to three.

Dinos need some extinction

Moving on to the semi-limited list I think Miscellaneousaurus is gonna be going to two I just think opening this card every time is a bit much and I think putting it to two will make Dinos more susceptible to Droll & lock bird. It’s just having to open Soul-eating Oviraptor and Misc every single time. I think that can be quite a problem and also Misc is the reason why they have so much grave recursion.

Called by the Grave is at one which is dinos biggest weakness and they now have Scrap Raptor which could take the deck down a different route.

Slow down the control

The second one going to do I think will be Eldlich Scarlet Sanguine 

because this is a really good stall strategy, and being able to summon the eldritch monster from your deck and chain it to Conquistador is really really strong. And then also the recursion of it banishing itself to get your traps like Conquistador is really good. It will make people use the spells more which gives you the opportunity to out the Golden Lord. This deck has been good since Adamancipator was around and Adamancipator got hit.

I think putting Magical meltdown to 2 or even to one could also put invoked in check just a bit. The deck makes it so easy to get to Mechaba before you start your combo preventing your opponent from hand trapping you. Hitting it will make it less susceptible to Droll and Lock but I think it’s also the not being able to negate the fusion summons that can prove to be problematic.

Best Limits

I think this next card could actually be at one or two, depending on how they want to do it. But I think it’s an Nadir’s servant, this card is at least a plus three in terms of card advantage. The fact that it stops you from suffering from the extra deck for the rest of the turn makes it easy to use because its an add on after you have gone full combo. It’s good for rituals, I think rituals benefit well from this with herald of the archlight. In shaddol it allows you to get to schism and allows you to get to dogmatika punishment which can give you a destroy 2 cards on the field or a fleur de lis which has a non targeting negate and fleur de lis and ecclesia does 5000 damage.

One deck that I think has been running rampant for quite a while now. And I think a lot of people want to put it in check even though it hasn’t done too much in South Africa is dragon link. Now I think the card to be limited Striker Dragon because this the recursion and having 2 does help with the combo. And if you stop the one, It slows down a combo a lot. So I think we could see strike a dragon going to one, I do not think they’re going to hit Elpy because I think eventually they’re going to make more dragon support. And I don’t think hitting Elpy is anything that Konami wants to do because they love dragons. 

Pendulums swing again

One card I think, can return to one is HeavyMetalfoes Electrumite. This link 2 i feel needs to come back to get pendulums back into the game. Pendulums need a lot of draw power too so it does make this deck susceptible to droll & Lock bird but it can play around it so bringing something back for pendulum support will actually help push this deck to new heights and it will force people to play differently. More differently to what they are used to considering whats being played now and pendulums have not been good for a while and with more metalfoes coming out and even the solfachords just being released i think it would be good for these archetypes. It allows the meta to diversify itself even more and give more people things to play with and i know there are some avid pendulum players who are hoping to get their chance to show their stuff.

Those are my ideas for what I think would put the game towards a new direction. I don’t know what else Konami has in store but i’m excited to see it when it comes.

What do you think about Moonsong’s predictions – Hit or Miss?