The Final

For the last year or so Kahuna Koala has been in partnership with sponsors Solarpop and Unplug Yourself to bring out a string of online tournaments. Traditionally, we would have monthly and quarterly events at local game stores playing with actual cards. This was our way of keeping the spirit of Pokémon alive.

As always, these events are open to all ages and is an all-out free for all. Things are fun, things are competitive. Its what the players have been craving.

Themed Tournament

Every event has a theme that aligns with the latest set. In this case it was Brilliant Stars. Moving forward, we will be doing bigger events twice a year, namely a Winter and Summer Challenge.

Mar 2021

Jun 2021

Sept 2021

Dec 2021

Mar 2022

Player Turn-Out

As we do more of these events, we see more and more old players coming back to the beloved game. Many of these players being past top contenders, showing that still have what it takes to hang with the best. Some new decks popping out of the new set showing what a versatile set this is.

How Did the Event Go?

The event was one of the smoothest run events till date. The live stream was exciting with a variety of decks showing up having me on the edge of my seat. I bring the action to the viewers on YouTube, but I am also a fan of the game. What a day it was. 

As always, we try to simulate what real life play is like, that’s why we have Discord available with table numbers so that players can have some nice banter while playing games. I have never run events in all my years judging, that feels casual and competitive at the same time, except these! Amongst the seasoned players, there were quite a few “noobs” too. Everyone had a great time.

What’s Next? Why Was This the Last?

After over 10 years, Pokémon has decided to make a new client called Pokémon LIVE! This platform will be available on mobile devices as well. This will surely allow a wider player base to attend. This platform also uniquely allows easier accessibility to cards. We will DEFINITELY be seeing sparks fly in the next event.

Want to join the next event?

I do substantial advertising on my Facebook page, as well as my YouTube channel. And they are pretty much like videos leading up to the event is just a build-up of event hype and telling people how to get tickets. 

Generally, the tickets are found on my website as well on my website where guys can purchase a ticket. It’s free, open to anyone in South Africa to compete.

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