Have you ever wanted to adventure into a dungeon and face monsters, mayhem and mystery? 

Have you ever wanted to face the terror that is Cthulhu or be a hero in an unnamed city which looks vaguely like Gotham? 

Well now is your chance! Dum Dum Die and Comic Con Africa welcomes you to TABLETOP ROLEPLAYING!

What is Tabletop Roleplaying? 

You’ve probably played a Roleplaying game before on pc or console (Diablo, The Witcher or anything like that), where Tabletop roleplaying is different is it allows you and your group (don’t worry we will supply the group or you can bring your own😊) to have more creative freedom. You decide where to go, who to meet and what you want to do. It’s like adventure storytelling. It’s a story made by everyone sitting at the table while playing the game. The only limitations are the rules of the game and the collective creativity of the people playing it.

Imagine you’re a robot in space trying to run away from the Happiness clown on Space Station 13 or you are a Goblin tasked with looking after your Troll Lords beast menagerie, adventures in Tabletop Roleplaying can be vast and varied and use a lot of different systems from Dungeons and Dragons where you use dice and paper to Dread where you use a not, not a Jenga tower but for trademark reasons not a Jenga tower. It is a fun game of imagination and heroics made by the players and the game master (the storyteller who will lead your adventure).

Dum Dum Die, an all female, all awesome Dnd Podcast and Twitch stream are the hosts for the TTRPG area. They began in 2017 and have had over 150 000 downloads of their podcast, have played on the Official Dungeons and Dragons podcast for Wizards of the Coast (Dungeon Delve) for the release of Ravnica and have just generally tried to support and grow the roleplaying community in SA. “Last year the Tabletop Roleplaying area at Comic Con started with 3 tables but the excitement and amount of people wanting to try it meant we had to find an extra table. The area was filled with new players and experienced players all making friends and having a great time! We were so surprised that so many people wanted to try it! But this year we are prepared and have 8 tables.What’s so great is seeing new people trying out something that has brought us so much joy” – Carla Harris, GM of Dum Dum Die and Organizer of the TTRPG area at Comic Con Africa

More about the event: 

Check out the Facebook event
Join the adventure at this years Comic Con using dice, pen and paper and your epic character (don’t worry it’s pre-built so you can give it a try). 

We have a Dungeons and Dragons adventure for new players and people who just want to try it out as well as adventures for advanced players using various systems like Dnd 3.5, Lady Blackbird, Dread and more. There are two sessions every day (10:30 am and 2pm) and games run for about 2,5 hours. 

Find out more about the games that will be run at Comic Con Africa. 

Saturdays adventures
Sundays adventures
Mondays adventures
Tuesdays adventures

Head to the Dum Dum Die Tabletop RPG area to try out the new player adventure (FREE) or pre-book* and join in a slightly more advanced game (R 50 p/p). 

Here is the booking form. 

*Since getting into your desired event is important, we have a system for making sure you get your seat. You can book ahead of time to guarantee your spot at a particular RPG module. But if you don’t arrive five minutes before your game time starts your slot will be given to someone else. (You will pay your R50 on arrival) You can try to sign up before the event, first come first served, after all the ticket holders have taken their seat. Of course, if an event is sold out, or someone is waiting, then you may not get in.