Star Realms was the first deck builder I opened – I didn’t play it; I was a little overwhelmed. I had no exposure to this type of game. Catan and Risk were my favourite then, in the beginning, in the before time, in the long long ago. 

Card games always felt like they were all secretly trading card games, like Magic: the Gathering, and from what I [thought I] knew was that Magic was expensive. Star Realms, however, is just over R300, but includes everything. 

I enjoy dissecting games, figuring out the rules and figuring out how to win, and possibly how to destroy my opponent: delve deep, conquer and destroy! 

So, after the initial apprehension, I thought about making it easier: 

What they don’t tell you about being a geek. Is that it does become a little all consuming. You obsess and, I suppose it’s the same with any fan of a game, football? Rugby? Cricket? Harry Potter? Game of Throne?

  • What started out as 1 small box: Core Set  – tiny box: 7 x 2.5 x 9.5cm 
  • Then you upgrade the score counter because seriously, the cards just are fiddly – there’s an app for that. Speaking of applications, the download is free, expansions start costings a bit~
Core Set
Mobile App
  • Core Set Expansions
  • Gambit
  • Crisis
    • Bases and Battleships
    • Events
    • Heroes
    • Fleet and Fortresses 
  • Colony Wars – can be played as a stand-alone.
  • Cosmic Gambit
  • United
    • Assault
    • Command
    • Missions
    • Heroes
  • Promo Pack 1
  • Scenarios
  • Frontiers
  • Command Decks
  • Universal Storage Box
  • Accessories: Star Realms Sleeves and Boxes

  • Dice
  • Mats

Dissecting my collection, I need it to be more organised, I have dividers, for the sleeved cards, but figuring out what is in each section gets a little tricky, so I’m definitely flirting with getting the universal storage box, because that would solve all my problems. It may also encourage me to play more !!

  • Putting this list together – there are a few things I don’t have! And I need to figure out where to get them: If you are retailer, make it easy for us to find you!! Click here

Play more games!!!

Colony Wars
United: Heroes
Universal Storage Box
Star Realms Sleeves and Boxes