Arriving to South African shores this October is the highly anticipated Pokémon Sword and
Shield: Champion’s Path expansion set. Initially code-named “Sword and Shield 3.5” this
set arrives after the highly successful release of Sword and Shield 3: Darkness Ablaze.
Champion’s Path is a holiday set, much like the incredibly successful set, Hidden Fates.
There are no booster boxes for the set, and booster packs are only available in the various
Champion’s Path boxes.

So, what’s all the hype about? Did someone say… CHARIZARD?

This amazing set has not one, not two, but THREE highly prized Charizard cards to
collect. Let’s take a look at them:

1) Full Art Charizard Promo V

The Charizard promo card is only available as a bonus card. The announcement that this set included such a special promo card immediately resulted in a worldwide rush to secure these Champion’s Path trainer boxes. As a result, by the time you’re reading this article, it’s likely that many stores are already sold out of pre-orders. 

2) Shiny Charizard V

This card is undoubtedly the most desirable in the set. Not only is this card incredibly difficult to pull, it’s also only the 2nd shiny Charizard card to ever be released (the first being the shiny Charizard from the Hidden Fates set released in 2019). Initial sales of this card on the open market saw it fetching prices in the region of $1000 with prices stabilising around the $500 mark. 

With people willing to pay this kind of money for such a prized Charizard card, it’s no wonder why there is so much hype around the Champions Path set – many overseas retailers are already cleared out of all Champions Path products.


3) Hyper Rare Charizard VMAX

The 3rd Charizard in the set, the hyper rare Charizard is the rainbow rare version of the Charizard VMAX found in the recently released Darkness Ablaze set. The Japanese version of the Charizard VMAX in Darkness Ablaze was used as a prize card in Japanese tournaments. Like its Shiny counterpart, this card was initially fetching over $1000 on the

open market, but has since also stabilised to around $500.

Not all Pokémon sets have a Charizard card included, so it’s very rare for a set to contain three!


Champion’s Path booster packs are only available for this set in the associated product boxes which include the Elite Trainer Box, Pin Collections, Special Pin Collections, V Boxes, and the Marnie collections.The Champion’s Path Pokémon TCG set includes more than 70 cards and features recently discovered Pokémon from the Galar region. Inside the set you will find 11 awesome Pokémon V and 3 gigantic Pokémon VMAX as well as 19 Trainer cards.

So there you have it. Champion’s Path will be arriving late October to satisfy all your Zard hunting needs.

Remember one of the boosters you open could contain a prized Charizard…

Happy hunting!