On the 24th of September 2019, Unplug Yourself will officially launch National Board Games Day @ Comic Con Africa.

What is National Board Games Day?

Board and table top gaming is a pastime that is meant to be enjoyed any time, but National Board Games Day (NBGD) is a single day in the year meant to celebrate what board gaming and the culture around it is all about!

Launching and celebrating National Board Games Day on Heritage Day is quite appropriate and resonates with what Heritage Day is all about. Heritage Day honours diversity in culture, belief and traditions of all South Africans. National Board Games Day is all about building strong ties, be it family ties between parents and children spending quality time around the kitchen table playing their favourite board game, or ties between players from diverse backgrounds proving that although we are different, all it takes is a small common element to build connection and understanding. In short, boardgames unifies people and families, and that is what we wish to celebrate!

Thanks to all of you!

Although NBGD is but a single day of celebration, it grows within the walls of our friendly local gaming stores, community events, at family gatherings and around the kitchen table; anywhere people come together to play games!
National Board Games Day is about you! If you are reading this right now, consider yourself a champion of NBGD. You are a gamer, a leader of the community, and someone who is passionate about games. From the games to the people who play and even the stores we play at, it all comes down to you and your passion that drives NBGD.

How to celebrate!

This seems like a simple question to answer, celebrate NBGD by playing board games, but here are some ways to help spread the love and grow this great hobby!

See you at Comic Con Africa

Unplug Yourself will be launching NBGD at CCA and we would love to invite you to join us! Unplug Yourself will be hosting a FREE PLAY AREA where you can play some of the latest board game releases or just play the classics that you have come to love. So, bring friends and family or even meet new people and come and play!

Learn more about gaming

Has this article inspired you? Do you wish to learn more about board and table top gaming? Then come and visit the Unplug Yourself demo area at Comic Con where our army of Game Guides will be on hand to teach you various games as well as offer guidance and advise on games suitable for various occasions. After a visit to our demo area you will be a board game guru ready to show your friends and family what gaming is all about!

Can’t attend Comic Con Africa

Just because you can’t visit and celebrate with us at CCA doesn’t mean you have to miss out on the fun. From the 21st to the 24th of September, join in with our #unplugyourselfie competition! You can win amazing board game prizes and show the nation how much you love board games by simply entering our #UnplugYourselfie competition! Heres how!

Take a picture (selfie) of you and your friends and family having fun playing games.
Share the image on our social media with the tag #unplugyourselfie
Stay tuned for the winner announcement.

The more you upload the more chance you have to win great board gaming hampers! 

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