As we are well into our lockdown, I’ve found it to be quite an experience. My children are “back” at school, albeit online & as I’m sure with most of you, there’s been great days, average days, days we’ve struggled. 

What I’m cherishing about the situation we’re in is we’ve picked many nights grabbing a boardgame, laughing, learning, planning moves, strategizing, and having a lot of fun as a family #playingathome.

Our favourites are still the ones mentioned on Day 5, but we’ve added a few more to the list. 
Reference: Mom Diary – Day 5 of lockdown

  • San Juan
  • Flashpoint 
  • Fireball Island
  • Forbidden Island 
  • Cobra Paw
  • Chess (yip, good old chess which my 7 year old has taken a very big liking to)

’d love to know if any boardgames or experiences have helped you and your family with this time during lockdown or what’s kept the sanity.