770px x 385px slider banner Unplugyourself 16 Dec 20152015 has been a great year for table top gaming in South Africa, and  UNPLUG YOURSELF, the initiative by the three major table top game distributors (Blowfish, Boardgames SA & Skycastle) is excited to have been a part of that!

The aim of UNPLUG YOURSELF is to promote table top gaming via live events and promotions, and 2016 will see a lot more exciting news from us, but in the meantime we would like to invite you for a year-end (in-store) event on Wednesday 16 December 2015, held at selected stores across the country, including:


Outerlimits Mellville

Look & Listen Hillfox


Battle Wizards

Outerlimits Pretoria


Unseen Shoppe

The Batcave

Cape Town

Battle Bunker Tygervalley


Quantum Gaming

The theme of 16 December is “LEARN TO PLAY” and on this day we would like for you to celebrate table top gaming in general, but specifically to learn one (or more) games you haven’t played before. We all know the joys of discovering a great new game and we’d like to share in that experience with you at these events.

So feel free to contact your local store for more info and bring a few friends along on the day to share in the fun. See you there!