What the tournament entails?

My tournament is aimed at the more casual players and encourages anyone and everyone to enter. The tournament is an open format, this means that all age categories participate together. This allows for a larger player base and allowing young players to get some exposure to higher levels of competition (newbie adults too).

The format is “Standard”. This means that the legal sets for this tournament are from Team Up to the latest released set (being Shining Fates). The event is run swiss rounds into top cut. This means that all players get to play 5 to 6 games. The top 8 players from those games will battle it out for the title at the end.

With the rise of online tournaments, I have seen that some of them ban specific cards. I will not be doing this so that we can be as inclusive for all players as possible. 

What are the prizes?

Solarpop and Unplug Yourself are the exclusive sponsors of this tournament. They have provided us with some fantastic prizes. The prizes supplied be them are:

  • 1x Booster Box of Battle Styles
  • 1x Display Case of Shining Fates Mini Tins

They have advised that prizes may increase depending on number of entrants.

In addition to the above prizes, I will also be giving the following:

  • 1x Orbeetle V Box
  • 1x Charizard Theme Deck (Vivid Voltage)
  • 1x EXCLUSIVE Kahuna Koala Champion T-Shirt

How to enter?

It is quite simple. There is a Facebook event where you can see all the public updates.

To purchase your FREE ticket to the event, you can go to my website store.