Hey, Pokémon Trainers! The latest expansion of the Pokémon Trading Card Game, Scarlet & Violet—Twilight Masquerade, is officially launching this Friday, May 24, 2024! If you missed the early Prerelease events, don’t worry—there’s still a chance to grab the Scarlet & Violet—Twilight Masquerade Build & Battle Box from local stores that have kits remaining. Let’s dive into what makes this expansion so exciting and why you should pick up a Build & Battle Box before they’re all gone.

What’s Inside the Build & Battle Box?

Each Build & Battle Box includes:

  • Four Scarlet & Violet—Twilight Masquerade booster packs.
  • A 40-card ready-to-play deck featuring key cards from current and prior sets.
  • One of four unique foil promo cards: Thwackey, Infernape, Froslass, or Tatsugiri.

Meet the Promos

Here’s a closer look at the promo cards you could get, each offering unique abilities and strategies to enhance your experience:


March to the beat of Thwackey’s drum! Its Boom Boom Groove Ability lets you search your deck for any card, provided your Active Pokémon has the Festival Lead Ability. Pair Thwackey with Dipplin for some synergistic Grass-type action and leverage Dipplin’s Do The Wave attack for maximum effect.


Infernape brings the heat with its Pyro Dance Ability, allowing you to attach a Basic Fire Energy, Basic Fighting Energy, or one of each from your hand to your Pokémon. Its Scorching Fire attack deals a whopping 200 damage, making it a formidable addition to any Fire- or Fighting-type deck.


Chill out with Froslass and its Freezing Shroud Ability, which places a damage counter on each Pokémon with an Ability during Pokémon Checkup. This slow-burn strategy can whittle down opponents over time, perfectly setting up for a devastating Frost Smash.


Tatsugiri’s Attract Customers Ability lets you look at the top six cards of your deck and pull a Supporter card into your hand. This ability ensures you’re well-equipped with the right Supporters, boosting your chances of executing key strategies during battles.

Why Grab a Build & Battle Box?

If you didn’t get a chance to participate in a Prerelease event, the Build & Battle Box is still a fantastic way to get a head start on the new expansion. Here’s why you should pick one up:

  • Early Access: Be among the first to play with the new cards.
  • Unique Promos: Get one of four exclusive foil promo cards.
  • Creative Deck Building: Use a limited card pool to construct your deck, showcasing your strategic prowess.

Final Thoughts

The Scarlet & Violet—Twilight Masquerade Build & Battle Box offers a thrilling preview of what’s to come in the full expansion. Head to your local game store to grab one before they’re all gone and get ready for some exciting battles with these brand-new cards!

Stay enthusiastic, and may your pulls be ever in your favor!