What is PTCGO:

If you don’t know by now, PTGCO is “Pokémon Trading Card Game Online”, and it is the platform we use to run all our PTCGO Open tournaments (For now). PTCGO has been around since 2011 and besides a minor tweak here and there, the client has remained the same since. Some players noting that the game feels dull and outdated. Well, TPCi listened! Introduce POKEMON LIVE!

What is Pokémon Live and what is different?

Pokémon Live is the new fresh Pokémon TCG online client. The game incorporates a lot of the Nintendo features such as avatars as well as emotes. The playing arena looks new and improved and don’t get me started on the animations! There is no comparing the 2. This is exactly what the game needed to freshen things up and keep it relevant.

What does this mean for the TCG community and future PTCGO Opens?

It has been announced by TPCi that once Pokémon Live goes… LIVE, the old PTCGO client will be taken down. It has been said that your collection will be automatically moved over to Live allowing you to continue your Pokémon quest. In my opinion, Live will bring a whole string of players back to the game and entice new players to join too. The big factor here will be full mobile support, a feature that was not standard with the old PTCGO game. Old players will be making a return due to “Crystals” that will be earned from older sets for which you can purchase single cards, enabling you to build a standard ready deck. Once Live is officially released all future PTCGO Opens (Changing to Pokémon Live Opens) will be competed on the new Pokémon Live platform.

Yours Truly,
Kahuna Koala

How to enter?

It is quite simple. There is a Facebook event where you can see all the public updates.

To purchase your FREE ticket to the event, you can go to my website store.

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