EXIT the game!

EXIT: The Game is a series of escape room games for the home. Players must solve riddles and puzzles and crack codes to escape from an imaginary room or environment. But the clock is ticking! Can you escape?

Starts at 12am. Entry R75 per person. Players will be split into teams of 4 and a EXIT game given to the team to try and escape!

Events and Venues:

23rd October:
Sword and Board
Timeless Boardgames
Jix Hobbies

30th October:
The Stone Dragon
The Geek Home
The Warren

6th November:
D20 battlegrounds
Durbanville Games

27th November:
Sword and Board
The Nexus
The Geekhome

4th December:
The Stone Dragon
Durbanville Games

Spoiler free Game play link:

Head to your Friendly Local Games Store to enter!