Welcome to DragonTown!

Prior to having a store, Joe, the owner of DragonTown, had a Magic stall under the name Dracoti in Hatfield Plaza fleamarket and also Bruma Lake fleamarket from 1994 to 1998 and would host Magic the Gathering tournaments at an internet café in Hatfield Square. After taking a hiatus until 2012 Dracoti became dracot.co.za in 2013 and tournaments resumed at the overhead restaurant on New Road in Midrand. DragonTown opened its doors in June 2016 at Hennopsview Shopping Centre.

It started with Magic!

Once the shop was open, beside our weekly Friday Night Magic tournaments and Sunday Commander, it was the venue that held a few Magic the Gathering Pro Tour Qualifiers and 2 Commander Fests.

A quick expansion.

Upon expanding our horizons from just Magic, our Yu-Gi-Oh! Tournaments have also grown tremendously in the last few years with the store reaching capacity on quite a few occasions while hosting a few bigger OTS tournaments.

Launch promotions.

For the launch of our new store, we will be running free events with prize support being sponsored by the store from the 8th to the 10th of October. Details are as follows:

  • 08 October: Free Friday Night Magic Standard Tournament.
  • 09 October: Free Yu-GiOh! tournament and a Free Pauper Tournament. There will also be Dungeons and Dragons running alongside the TCG tournaments.
  • 10 October: As per usual, Sundays are our Commander Day. All participants will also receive some goodies for playing on the day.

Anybody is free to play anything during this weekend and all participants will receive something as a token of appreciation.

There will be giveaways running throughout the weekend for anyone that attends any of the events. Keep an eye out on our Facebook Page for the details of these events.