DM Bootcamp 2023

Session 1: Learn to play Dungeons & Dragons

Become a Master Storyteller

Learn to be a captivating Dungeon Master and lead thrilling adventures with confidence. Join our DM Bootcamp Event and become a master storyteller.

Being a DM can be intimidating.

It can be hard to know where to start, how to create a compelling story, or how to keep your players engaged. Many people give up before they ever get started, missing out on the thrill of leading their own campaigns.

Why Attend Our DM Bootcamp event?

  • Learn how to create a captivating story and lead players through thrilling adventures.
  • Gain the confidence to effectively lead and interact with players.
  • Leave with the skills and knowledge needed to run your own successful game, whether you’re a seasoned pro or new to the world of D&D.
Learn more: [DM Bootcamp 2023]
  • Entry fee: Free 
  • Dates: 26th March 2023 from 10am 
  • Format:  Learn to play Dungeons & Dragons
  • Prize Support: Dungeons & Dragons: Dragons of Stormwreck Isle: Starter Kit

Participating Stores


Timeless Board Games – 26th March

Nexus Hub – 26th March

Jix Hobbies – 26th March

Free State

Oracle Gaming – 26th March

Western Cape

Sword & Board – 26th March

Battle Bunker Paarl – 26th March

Durbanville Games – 26th March


The Unseen Shoppe – 26th March

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