DM Bootcamp Phase 4
Introduction to becoming a Dungeon Master

Do you dream about crafting stories and adventures for your friends and family? Then welcome to the beautiful world of being a D&D Dungeon Master! It can seem scary to get started as a DM. We’ve started a series of events to go over the absolute basics of what you’ll need as a DM.

What does a Dungeon Master do?

A Dungeon Master is responsible for a number of things during the game. The two most important roles for you are Storyteller and Arbiter.

As the Storyteller, you create the world of the game and all of the other people in it who aren’t your players. You need to describe the way a building looks, set the scene for an evil villain, or present a humble farmer seeking help. Everything in a Dungeons and Dragons session is relayed through the DM – except for the things that your player characters come up with.

With all the wild ideas that your players will have, your other crucial role is to be the Arbiter. It is up to you to set the boundaries and mechanics of the world.

  • Entry fee: Free 
  • Dates: 25th/26th June 2022 from 10am 
  • Format: Introduction to becoming a Dungeon Master 
  • Prize support: 1x D&D – Dungeon Master’s Screen: Dungeon Kit and 1x D&D Mini  randomly given away

Participating Stores


The Stone Dragon – 26th June

Nexus Hub – 25th June


The Unseen Shoppe – 25th June

Western Cape

The Battle Bunker Paarl – 25th June

The Warren Somerset West – 25th June

Durbanville Games – 25th June

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