The 27th of March came with a new way of adapting from our normal life. Our usual daily activities changed – with schools closing, parents working from home, shops only open for essential services and with panic buying ruling each store.  Parents and children under one roof for 21 days, this was the first thing to happen to all of us. Our worry then became ‘how are we going to survive this’? 

We were careful, we planned what we could spend on food, and we decided we needed to be with our family. We did the 5-hour drive to Limpopo and felt safer. Being together was a big decision and we were glad we made it. But next we had to figure out how to handle being locked down together under 1 roof for 21 days…

BOOM!! Bananagrams comes to our rescue.

Boardgames has made our time as a family together easier, and playing games with my kids has helped us to develop a closer bond. I also discovered some hidden talents from my little champion, Tinguva, he can see words and options that I cannot – and this happens a lot.  

As a parent, Bananagrams has helped us to keep busy and to fight the boredom of day one indoors without anything to worry about. 

Playing Bananagrams is an opportunity to teach our youngest child new words, increasing his vocabulary and helping him build word familiarity. We change the game up a bit, build the word and then we ask one another how to use that word in a sentence. We have so much fun and my children are loving this. English is not our first language, so we have enjoyed it. We are all learning by play as a useful tool. 

We had a fun afternoon and my boys could not stop laughing at me, and with me, whilst I explained to them what a dinosaur is and the sounds they make. I received several corrections to my words. They learn and I do too, we are doing this together and we are in this together. 

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