In partnership with
Unplug Yourself and Durbanville Games.

Online Tournament for X-WING on 26 and 27 September 2020

All games will be played on Tabletop Simulator via Steam. You can download it hereUnfortunately a purchase of TTS is required, but it is cheaper than a Small Base Ship.

We recommend at least 2 Games played on TTS before entering the tournament, so that you are familiar with the game operation. If you would like help getting started you can join the amazing Facebook Group!


How it works:

2 players per player server. 
1 person will be the host of the server for table. 
Judges will be appointed if there are any questions.
As for the person hosting, we would like to have a minimum of a fibre connection, just to compensate for any possible delays.


This will be used for communication during the Tournament. Please download and install before 24 September.


Download Discord Join link –

Submitting your build

Lists built need to be submitted on on your user.

Event Details

Where: Behind your PC or Laptop online on Tabletop Simulator
Playoffs: 26 September 2020
Top Cut and Finals: 27 September 2020
Setup and Server/Table Allocation: 10:00
First Round: 10:30
Entry: R100 per player
Points: 200 Points per player
Format: Extended ( all extended list building applies )
Time per game: 85min which includes prep time (Server setup. List spawning and Rocks)

Unlimited seats available. More is good.

Submiting Scores

Submit your scores on or you can give them to Arnie direct to submit. The quicker, the better.


Various prizes to be available for the tournament. Physical stock will be sent to you so you details will be obtained to get the items sent to you. The will be store vouchers as well for Participants for store of your choice.

Please go register yourself if you are not registered yet. This will allow you to track you overall progress.

Buy Your Ticket

Tickets will be purchased via Durbanville Games Website. ENTRY DEADLINE SEPTEMBER 24th.
Buy your tickets here

Info Pack

A full detailed Info Pack can be downloaded from the XWing Landing Pad on the Discord Channel. It breaks down how to install the X-Wing Mod. If you need any assistance you can contact the event host here.

Bring those Fly Boys and let’s see some Maneuvers!