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top 10 benefits of games

• Memory formation and cognitive skills.

• Reduces risks for mental diseases

• Elevate the feeling of happiness.

• Grows your immune system.

• Speed up your response.

• Lowers blood pressure.

• Child development.

• Therapy treatment.

• Reduce stress.

• Family time.



Are you curious about board gaming, but don’t know where to start? Well, here is a guide on our top 15 board game picks out there to help you get started on your journey!

Trading card games


Collect, trade and build decks with these popular TCG titles. All these titles have thriving communities and no lack of events. Pick up a deck and challenge your friends. 



A role-playing game (RPG) is a game in which players assume the roles of characters in a fictional setting. Players take responsibility for acting out these roles within a narrative, either through literal acting, or through a process of structured decision-making or character development.