Yu-Gi-Oh! Set Review
Brothers of Legend

As Avicii famously once sang, “Heeeeeeeeeey brother, there’s an endless road to rediscover” and that is an accurate representation of what this set represents, a road of discovery. 

The Battles of Legend, now rebranded as Brothers of Legend can’t be classified as deck building sets, nor core sets, instead, these blinged-out sets (every pack consisting of only Ultra rare cards and 1 secret rare) are a hybrid of both. 

Introducing new free agent cards, support for existing decks as well as Rarity bumps/reprints of sought-after cards! 

For new players, the set allows for a taste of nostalgia with the roster of Kuriboh brothers growing! 

Budget competitive players delight in the new Altergeist support coming swiftly after the reprints from Maximum Gold El Dorado. 

Veteran players will be hunting those game-changing cards like Forbidden Droplet and Nibiru and the infamous Starlight Rare Red-Eyes Dark Dragon!

Future Knight’s Grading System:

Beginner Friendly:

The set isn’t as beginner-friendly as something like a deck-building set but does allow for foundations of otherwise inexpensive decks to be established. 6/10

Veteran Friendly:

Some very sought-after reprints in this set for meta/competitive players however the set lacks in making these cards accessible and unfortunately falls within the “Short Print” category. 3/10

Value Friendly:

The set is super shiny but that doesn’t mean that every card ha value. The set is very top heavy with roughly 10 cards being over a dollar on the secondary market, but those 10 cards are far and away from that base dollar value and reside in the tens of hundreds of dollars. 3/10


The shine on the cards helps with regards to the art as it makes certain aspects of the cards pop. That coupled with the nostalgia from the Kuriboh Brothers, and you get a great looking set! 7/10

Future Knight’s overall grading: 5/10