What does the tournament entail?

The tournament is aimed at players of all levels and encourages anyone and everyone to enter. The tournament is an open format, this means that all age categories participate together. This allows for a larger player base and allows young players to get some exposure to higher levels of competition (newbie adults too). There are random prizes for players who don’t make the top 8 to make it exciting for ALL players.

The Brilliant Stars Open tournament format is the “Standard”. This means that the legal sets for this tournament are from Sword and Shield (Base set) to the latest released set (being Brilliant Stars). The event is run with Swiss rounds into top cut. This means that all players get to play 5 to 6 games. The top 8 players from those games will battle it out for the title at the end. The top 8 is played on Sunday.

What are the prizes?

Solarpop and Unplug Yourself are the exclusive sponsors of this tournament. They have provided us with some fantastic prizes. The prizes supplied be them are:

● 1 x Brilliant Stars Elite Trainer Box (For first place)

● 2 x Brilliant Stars Booster Boxes (72 Booster Packs)

● 10 x Brilliant Stars 3 Pack Blisters

● 3 x Brilliant Stars Mini Portfolios


Our sponsors have also allocated ADDITIONAL prizes should we hit the following milestones:

● 41 Players – 1x Additional Brilliant Stars Booster Box

● 51 Players – 12x Additional Brilliant Stars 3-Pack Blisters


In addition to the above prizes, there will also be spot giveaway prizes to the viewers on the stream:

● 9x Brilliant Stars Mini Portfolios

● Brilliant Stars Sleeved Booster Packs

● 3 Brilliant Stars 3-Pack Blisters

What is the significance of the Brilliant Stars Open?

For those who play the Pokemon Trading Card Game Online, they will know about the news of a new platform being released. Pokemon Live has been teased for the last few months with the latest news of beta testing occurring in part of the world. 

With this being said, this will likely be the last PTCGO open! But not to fear, all this means is we will be moving over to Pokemon Live for the next event.

How to enter?

It is quite simple. There is a Facebook event where you can see all the public updates.

To purchase your FREE ticket to the event, you can go to my website store.

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