Board to be Wild Reviews:
World of Warcraft: Wrath of the Lich King


Take on the role of one of a team of heroes from World of Warcraft, working together to defeat the terrible Lich King, through co-ordinated card play and clever management of the scourge of ghouls that threatens to cover Northrend in everlasting doom.


This cooperative game set in the WoW universe using the Pandemic system is tense and challenging, but particularly satisfying and aesthetically pleasing.

A round in a brief:

  • Take 4 actions (move, fight, quest or rest)
  • Draw 2 cards (you need these to help with quests)
  • Spawn new ghouls (they just keep coming)
  • Resolve abominations (and they do damage to heroes)

Despite ourselves, we quite enjoyed:

  • Jumping around squishing a bunch of ghouls
  • Using the Pandemic card system to determine locations for new ‘infections’
  • Questing in a way that felt like cheating (because you don’t discard the cards)

We are WoW noobs, so really didn’t fully appreciate:

  • The heroes from across Azeroth and their asymmetric powers
  • A whole map full of names that meant nothing to us

What made us want to play this one as much as we did:

  • Gorgeous minis (rather than just cubes)
  • Quite challenging puzzle (even at lower difficulty)
  • How the tension ramps up and keeps everyone engaged
  • Relatively quick play time (doesn’t outstay its welcome)