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If you have the right amount of cash the Brokers might just help you out. Welcome to the Brokers family, where brains and brawn collide. The Bedecked Brokers deck is led by Perrie, the Pulverizer a rhino who loves all sorts of counters, not to be confused with a certain Platypus of the same name. The full deck can be viewed here.

We want to first and foremost thank our amazing partners at Unplug Yourself for supplying the precons for us to play with. A huge thank you to our WPN premium store, Top Deck for sponsoring our budget upgrades for the decks.

Bedecked Brokers Precon

The Brokers  is a three-colour combination of green, white, and blue commonly referred to as bant. 

Brokers/Bant is perfect if you are building +1/+1 counters as this deck has a high amount of counter synergies such as proliferate and cards such as Vorel of the Hull Clade.

Perrie, the Pulverizer is an interesting counter commander as he isn’t focused on +1/+1 counters like most commanders of that ilk, but instead cares about what kind and how many different counters you have on your permanents.  This breathes  new life into a stale old archetype including cards such as Family’s FavorAgent’s Toolkit, and Denry Klin, Editor in Chief, looking at shield counters specifically as they have a lot to gain from proliferate and doubling the number of shield counters on a creature. Perrie, the Pulverizer can also play odd cards that don’t always have a home in commander decks as they care about different counters on all permanents. But don’t worry there is also some +1/+1 counter love with cards such as Vorel of the Hull Clade, Evolution Sage, and Fathom Mage.

Notable Inclusions and Reprints

First off let us discuss the monetary and reprint value of the deck. At the point of writing this article, this deck would cost you an average of R1000 from South African retailers, while the value of the cards currently would fetch you R980. Unfortunately, this deck is currently under the value that you pay for it, however, you do receive a two-card collector’s booster that could easily cause the value to be over what you have paid. The value of the deck might increase over time, as it includes reprints such as Devoted DruidRishkar’s ExpertiseSwiftfoot Boots, and Generous Gift which are low at the moment.

New cards that could see an increase in price as time goes on include: Resourceful DefenseDamning Verdict, and Family’s Favor. Overall, I think this deck’s value is good for what you get although it does not have the insane reprint value that we have seen previously it is still only just off the mark for what you are paying.

Analyzing the Precon

Now that we have the money side of things wrapped up, we can look at the stats of the actual cards included in the decks, looking at which gaps we could fill with our R350 upgrade sponsored by Top Deck:

  • There are 38 lands included in the deck.
  • Ten spells that ramp you or decrease mana costs.
  • Fourteen spells that facilitate card advantage (drawing cards or increasing the number of cards you can play per turn)
  • Seven removal spells that deal with the threats from your opponents
  • Three board wipes.
  • Thirty-five cards that put counters on your permanents or creatures.
  • Seventeen different types of counters in the deck to use with your commander (not including all the counters possibly from Crystalline Giant.
  • Eight cards that have a proliferate effect on them.
  • One graveyard hate card

Better get your dice bag out because this deck loves counters and is built to expand on this idea. As it has 35 spells or permanents that put counters on your permanents, unfortunately, it is strongly focused on +1/+1 counters as it is the most popular type of counter. There are 17 types of counters in the whole deck and although that might sound like a lot in a 100 card deck it might not be enough to fully utilize your commander’s scope.

Three board wipes might be 1 too many as you don’t want to kill your creatures that have all those counters on them unless they have a shield counter on them. Thirty-eight lands might be too many for an upgraded list that tries to lower mana costs, but with the stock list, it might be needed as there are many expensive cards in the deck.


Budget Upgrade

With my upgrade, I focused on getting as many different counters as possible in the deck while increasing the amount of efficient interaction, faster ramp, and decreasing the number of inefficient cards in the deck. 

Cards that I cut from the deck include: View decklist

Upgrades for the deck: View decklist

As you can see, I cut some of the proliferate cards.  I feel they do not add to the board and would like cards that have an effect or put counters on creatures regardless of if they already have counters. Unfortunately, with restricted availability and the budget certain cards were a bit out of reach that would have fit excellently in the deck. My budget wish list includes the following cards:

Managorger Hydra: Having another creature that gets +1/+1 counters for each opponent spell sounds like a home run, especially with the trample from Perrie.

Kodama of the West Tree: Mana ramp just for doing what your deck does best sounds like a win-win situation.

Intrepid Adversary: An anthem that you can proliferate to grow your team.

Sanctuary Warden: Great card advantage in this deck and if you can continue putting shield counters on the card it might just take over a game.

Return of the Wildspeaker: A great draw spell with how large the creatures can get in this deck.

Beast Within: A removal spell for literally anything although they get a 3/3 beast.

Promise of Loyalty: A great board wipe that synergizes with your commander.

Efficient ramp spells such as Farseek and Nature’s Lore ramps while getting dual lands.

Felidar Retreat: Can easily take over a game, especially with fetch lands.

Tyrite Sanctum: This land can easily make Perrie indestructible and give him a counter to work off of.


I would recommend this deck to anyone that wants to put a new flavour on their old +1/+1 commander deck as it opens so many new avenues for old and new players alike. I think this deck can also be built differently by every person and that is just what makes commander such a special format. It is time for me to go brush up on my lawyer lingo and fight for my brokers family on the Streets of New Cappena.

Until next time, I’ll see you on the battlefield.

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