Spelljammer Dnd Adventure:
The Light of Xaryxis

As a hobby, Dungeons and Dragons is possibly the most fun a group of people can have while sitting around a table and rolling a bunch of strangely shaped dice. As an outlet for an overactive imagination, the fact that I get to be a host of different characters of different races and skill sets is just magic… It’s like a movie but you’re in it.
Of course, if you’re reading this, then you most likely know this and have some fun, “embarrassing ways my characters died” or “how I killed the party in three seconds,” stories too.
If you’re looking to add to those great adventures and you’re a sci-fi fan then Spelljammer: The Light of Xaryxis is definitely for you. Set in space with new fun races to play, awesome ships, magical physics, and bizarre monsters, this offering has it all.

What’s in the box?

As always Wizards of the Coast have thought about us, the folks hopelessly addicted to this awesome pastime, and have given us a treasure trove of goodies. 
In the box you’ll find, Boo’s Astral Menagerie which is packed to bursting with fun monsters for your DM (Dungeon Master) to pit against your characters. The monsters are a delight to read through if you’re into that. They’re imaginative and fun and should be a blast to come up against. 
If you are the DM then you get a nifty, themed screen with all kinds of helpful info on it, including monster stats and a whole lot of information about the ships your players and NPCs will be on. This will come in handy when trying to negotiate actions in space, as gravity and air are things to consider in this adventure. 
You also get the Astral Adventurer’s Guide. Now, this is a lovely tool to help you get adventuring. It’s full of all the information you will need to go roll your characters. If you’re a DM it has a nifty map of the Rock of Bral that you can use in your campaign. All the information for both players and DM are in this book and it’s a well-put-together work that takes you through it all step by step. 
The Adventurer’s guide gives you the new and old races and works hand in hand with the Player’s Handbook, to make playing in this realm an easy-to-set-up and fun experience. 
Lastly, the final book in the set is the actual adventure, The Light of Xaryxis. And what an adventure it is. Packed full of opportunities to work out puzzles, meet new characters, go to strange new worlds and to try out new skills. The combat tactics alone promise to be interesting as things like whether your character is being influenced by any gravity shifts, or if your character has air to breathe, will all become of great concern as the adventure unfolds.

How user-friendly is it?

As a relatively new DM, and highly enthusiastic player, I have to say that this Spelljammer adventure is truly well thought out and presented. I didn’t feel that I would be left umming and ahhing should one of my players ask me something about the adventure. It’s all there in the books for the reading. 
This is important as being new to running the game it can be hair-raising to have people asking you questions you really hadn’t considered and having to come up with something amazing on the spot. I have seen experienced DMs do this and am mightily jealous. So, until I get that good, I am glad that Wizards have once again decided that putting as much info as they can fit into the book is a good thing. And it truly is. They explain everything from how the physics work, to how the races survive and thrive in this strange environment. The way they have worked it all out will make for some epic adventures whether you use the given one or make one of your own up. The tools are all there for you to have a great time.
I can’t wait to get a group of players together and give this adventure a whirl. It’s going to be so much fun.

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