Outer Limits Pretoria

Outer Limits pta is the number one comic book and tabletop gaming supplier in Pretoria. Although we are an independently owned business we are also part of the Outer Limits comic and gaming supply retailer group. We have been based in Pretoria for 18 years. We are currently situated in Menlo Park.

On our shelves you will find a wide variety of comic books, graphic novels, boardgames, tabletop wargames (Warhammer), cardgames, action figures, t-shirts and more. We also run a wide variety of weekly events for Magic the Gathering, Yu-Gi-Oh! and boardgames as well as various special events on a scheduled basis.

Address: 285 Lynnwood street, Java Centre, Menlo Park, 0081 Pretoria, South Africa

Website: www.outerlimitspta.co.za

Phone: 012 362 5497

Email: outerlimitspta@gmail.com